Criteria Citizens Award 2019

The awards are for those who make an outstanding contribution to the community.  They recognise an individual or community and voluntary groups who have made a positive difference to the local community; or to people who make an extra effort to bring the community together; or those who go out of their way to help others or a charity in their own time. In the case of the Young Person Awards the upper age limit is 18 years of age.

 Nominations can be submitted for a wide range of endeavours including:

⦁ Community Involvement - such as delivering an innovation or idea that makes a profound impact in aid of the community.

⦁ Providing extraordinary service to the Community - Going the extra mile.

⦁ Selfless actions that affect/involve others to improve the quality of life.

⦁ An outstanding achievement – for example, an act of bravery.

⦁ Gained exceptional recognition for Cowbridge.

⦁ Outstanding achievement in their field - such as sports or culture.

⦁ Significantly improving the environment of the town.


Who Can Nominate?

With the exception of the Mayor’s Award, which will be nominated by the Mayor, anyone can nominate an individual or group.

Nominations can be made by downloading the online form which is available on the Town Council website alternatively forms\information packs are available at the Town Hall. Only fully completed forms will be accepted.





Nomination Process

Nominations can be made between 6 February and 29 March 2019. Once the closing date has passed, entries will be checked by the relevant committee to ensure criteria are met.